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  • 10

    Acquired the STRETCH BENDING M/C (CHNL TURNTABLE Model) CE Certification

  • 09

    Acquired the patent for the 2-axis positioner device

  • 08

    Designated as the supplier of industrial robot HH050 bottom module by HYUNDAI ROBOTICS Co., Ltd.

  • 07

    Registered as a partner of HYUNDAI GENUINE Co., Ltd. (the holding company of HYUNDAI CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, DOOSAN INFRACORE)

  • 03

    Acquired the STRETCH BENDING M/C (CHNL SINGLE Model) CE Certification

  • 02

    Signed a contract and supplied the STRETCH BENDING M/C to MINTH Serbia


  • 11

    Signed a contract with SUNGWOO HITECH Co. Ltd. for the GM BEV3 & eLCV ROLL FORMING & TOOL

  • 10

    Additionally fabricated the SG2 (CN7) C/O BEAM FR BPR improved ROUND ROLL for SUNGWOO HITECH Co. Ltd.

  • 09

    Registered as a partner of SUNGWOO HITECH Co., Ltd.

  • 09

    Fabricated a sectional development prototype of the GM BEV3 & BET CROSS BRACE for SUNGWHOO HITECH Co. Ltd.

  • 04

    Signed a contract with WOOYOUNG INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. for fabricating the NQ5 B-PLR OTR & SU2id UPR & B-PLR INR & B-PLR OTR ROLL mold
    Signed a contract with Thailand's JACKSPEED (J.V.) for the RAIL ROOF BEND'G M/C & DIES

  • 03

    Registered as a partner of MS PRECISION Co., Ltd. and signed a supply contract for construction equipment parts

  • 02

    Signed a contract with JINYOUNG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. for designing and fabricating the CV B-PLR & RR-LWR CHNL ROLL mold

  • 01

    Signed a contract with SAMCHUN Co., Ltd. for the SU2 SUNROOF RAIL BEND'G DIES